New Portfolio Category

We have now added a new category to our Portfolio called Web Development.

This category will showcase some of the projects which are not our website designs as such but include some sort of involvement in the technical and functional side of the website, for example: adapting existing websites to mobile devices, coding new websites from provided Photoshop designs or adding new functionality to established websites. In other words websites which have been designed by others and improved by ourselves.

Welcome To Our New Website

We are proud to present our brand new, fresh website for 2016.

We have re-designed it with our customers in mind. It’s now cleaner, easier to navigate, mobile-friendly and it has a lot of useful information for both existing and prospective clients.

We have created a FAQ section where you can find answers to some of the questions you might have, especially in regards to the ‘technical jargon’ such as responsive design, domain names and more.

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