Short Description

Example of a professional, modern website created for one of Cardiff University's research projects: AgroCultures. It is fully responsive and optimised to seamlessly work on mobile devices. It includes events calendar with detailed information for each event as well as a database of research papers and publications available to download.


  • Technology: Wordpress, Responsive, Events
  • Client: Cardiff University
  • Project Date: February 2018
  • Status: Completed
  • Launch Website

We have been contacted by the Cardiff University’s School of Geography and Planning to develop a website for one of their research projects, which is based on a series of events taking place in the UK and South America.

The main website requirements were to focus on the upcoming events, with ability to upload and display footage and images from each event, as well as providing access to relevant documents and publications. The website also had to be clear, modern and easy to use for both visitors, members and the administrators alike and its price had to fall within the project’s budget.

Our initial quote for the website was considerably higher than the set budget, therefore we had to find a way to create it at a lower cost but making sure, at the same time, that the core functionality and the purpose of the website are maintained.

Therefore we decided to, first and foremost, focus most of our resources on the back and front-end functionality and look for cost savings in such areas as graphics and design by creating, for example a simple, text-based logo, keeping the amount of stock photography to minimum and using an open-source WordPress Content Management System, which the project coordinators were already familiar with.

The end result is a professional, clean and modern website, which is fully responsive / mobile-friendly and provides users with detailed information about each event, necessary project information as well as access to database of files and documents. It’s also integrated with the project’s YouTube channel so that any content uploaded onto the channel is automatically synced with and displayed on the website itself.