Short Description

Simple responsive Wordpress website built for a local, Cardiff-based photographer. It's focuses on showcasing featured projects on the homepage using both a slider and a filterable portfolio gallery. Additional information, galleries and a contact form are included on other pages.


  • Technology: Wordpress, Responsive Design
  • Client: Stephen Bailey
  • Project Date: August 2013
  • Status: Ceased

This is a website we have recently built for a local, Cardif-based photographer Stephen Bailey.

We have approached Stephen after seeing one of his adverts in a local magazine and have offered him a high quality and yet affordable website design to showcase his work in a clean and professional way.

Photography by Stephen Bailey is an example of responsive web design – the website is designed to provide optimal viewing experience not only on desktop computers and laptops but more importantly on tablets and mobile phones.

When viewing the website in portrait mode on mobile devices, the layout of the website adapts to the device’s display (as seen on the picture above).