Short Description

Web development project based on adapting existing website design into responsive, mobile-friendly design. The website's layout changes depending on the screen size and resolution.


  • Technology: Responsive Design, CSS, Wordpress
  • Client: Rocket Hospitality
  • Project Date: March 2015
  • Status: Completed
  • Launch Website

Rocket Hospitality is a London-based provider of corporate and VIP hospitality and they hired us to transform their existing website into a responsive design so that it passes the Google’s Mobile Friendly test, which came into force in 2015.

We have therefore re-written some of the website’s code to make sure that the website’s existing layout smoothly adapts to any device and screen size and provides consistent and optimal user experience.

We have also created a mobile menu which allows for easy navigation on mobile and tablet devices.

All the work has been completed within a few days and the new version of the website has successfully passed all mobile-friendly requirements set by Google.