If you have heard of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), then we would bet you have heard of content marketing as well.

That’s simply because the two go hand in hand, and content marketing can be used to help your business’s SEO.

So without further ado, let’s have a look at what this form of marketing is all about.


What does content marketing mean?

Those unfamiliar with content marketing would probably assume it’s just written words added to a website.

This is a very poor summary of what content marketing is. In a nutshell, content marketing can be used to improve a company’s SEO, and help drive more sales.

Yet content marketing doesn’t just have to be written words, it could be a video about your business or an infographic about a relevant subject.

Now, it is worth mentioning at the start, that in terms of quality, content marketing can be worlds apart.

There are plenty of marketing agencies in Cardiff that sling some work together, but you can also find agencies that take their time, and get the job done right.

And this is important, because the search engines and their algorithms are now very good at spotting if the work is actually of any quality.

If you lose your audience’s attention quickly, this is likely to spell SEO disaster over time.

On the other hand, if you can retain your audience’s attention, and make them spend a reasonable amount of time on your website, then you are truly winning.

So if your website has a sky high bounce rate and people leave it straight after landing on the first page, then something is not right and it’s time to return back to the drawing board.


How can it help my business?

Basically good quality content marketing plus an interested gathering of visitors equals better rankings.

It might seem simple, however if it was that simple then most businesses would be on page one of Google and at the top.

Now this is the bit that makes things difficult, your competitors will be answering questions, and posting work that will interest their customers.

In order to outdo your competitors you must offer a better user experience. Meaning the quality of your work, and how you deliver it must be superior.

So if you are a plumbing business for example, and you want to sell more bathroom taps, you may post an article about how to fit new taps.

All well and good, but if you compare this with another website, they might have a YouTube video that explains how to fit the taps. They may then have an infographic, which explains step by step how to fit the tap, basically they have gone the extra mile.

That extra mile will mean that more people will spend longer on that website, they will talk about it more on social media and more links will therefore be made that point to that website.

In a nutshell, they have absolutely blown the competitors out of the water, and they have done that by offering more than their competitors. And it is this approach which will help a business to improve its SEO.


Take the time needed to create quality work

As you can see from our previous answer, lacklustre content marketing is not effective enough.

So if you’re a business owner, and you’ve just issued an employee an instruction to write 500 words and add it the company blog once a week, you might wonder why you’re not seeing any improvements in your rankings.

Content that’s just written to a word count and doesn’t offer any good quality advice won’t work.

Instead, it is always worth getting on the phone, employing a respected, and quality focused SEO agency and letting them work their magic.


What’s the Panda updates all about?

Now you understand the basics, it is time to take it up a gear. Let’s now therefore talk about Google’s impressive and complicated algorithm.

In particular let’s talk about Google’s spam filters. One of the best known spam filters is called the Google Panda updates, the name may sound cute, but don’t be fooled.

Businesses that invested in low quality SEO, and therefore had low quality content marketing often found themselves hit by this penalty. And that’s no laughing matter, because the websites affected would have seen their rankings drop like a lead balloon.

And if the content marketing was of really low quality, meaning it was keyword stuffed, the website may have been removed from the Google search results altogether.


What does keyword stuffing mean?

Keyword stuffing is one of the laziest, and outdated SEO methods there is. In a nutshell, it means looking at which keywords you want your business to rank for, then repeatedly putting them into the content marketing.

The natural flow of the sentence would be broken up, with mentions of what the business wants to rank for. So for example that could be “cheap hotels in Cardiff”, but instead of mentioning it once, it might be mentioned so many times that it gets tiring to finish reading the article.

This is what Google clamped down on, and many other poor SEO practices when they rolled out their Google Panda updates.


When looking for a digital marketing agency, don’t just let price guide you

Sometimes when a business owner is looking to invest in SEO, they determine which company to use based purely on price.

This shouldn’t be the overriding factor that sways you from one agency to another. The reason being is that there are now so many SEO agencies that offer seriously low prices.

However, the quality of the work is seriously low as well. This means that if the quality is below standard, then your business could well incur a penalty.

This can mean that it takes ages for the website to recover, and that’s not mentioning the eye watering bills that another agency may charge to put the website right.

So, our best advice is this, don’t let price be the differentiating factor.


So, who should be writing the content marketing?

Well, we are pretty biased with our response to this one, but we think it should be an established, and respected SEO agency.

The reason being is this, your SEO agency will be able to accurately determine which keywords your business should be targeting. Then you can attract the right sort of customers.

Then they can constantly produce content marketing which is not just white hat, but also helps to improve where your business is ranked.

Plus, the agency should also have a technical SEO person there as well, this person should recommend the best meta titles, meta descriptions, alt tags etc to use.


How our agency can help

Our digital marketing agency is always on hand to help, if you would like quality SEO implemented alongside our Cardiff web design services.