Last updated: January 2020

Facebook page cover design is one of the most frequently requested features that our web design customers ask for. A cover that matches the company’s design, contains crucial information and most importantly looks great on both desktops and mobile devices.

What would seem a simple and straightforward task isn’t always the case as the internet seems to be full of out-of-date templates and incorrect dimensions, and even the official Facebook guidelines can be confusing at first.

While the guidelines recommend for the ideal cover photo to be 851px x 315px (W/H), the actual area shown on the computers is just 820px x 312px while the smartphones display 640px x 360px. Go figure.

Therefore to help our clients, friends and other designers out there, we have created an up-to-date Photoshop (.psd) template which is optimised and scaled to take into consideration both desktop and mobile designs.

The template is free to download and all we ask for in return is to show us some love with a ‘Like’ or a ‘Tweet’.