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Video Production

If you’re looking for a video agency offering all aspects of filming and video production (often referred to as video marketing, video advertising or simply videography), you’ve come to the right place!

Video content is now more important than ever – it’s one of the best ways to communicate your brand’s message and connect with your audience.

With all major social media platforms shifting into video-first content (Instagram & Facebook Reels and TikTok) having high quality video content is now an integral part of growing a business. It allows your company to stand out and sets it apart from your competitors.

We film and produce video content for brands, businesses, entrepreneurs and artists based in Cardiff, UK and Ibiza.

From interviews and customer testimonials, to social media adverts, promotional videos, commercials and mini-documentaries, we’re here to deliver videos that capture the audience’s attention and help your business grow.

We take the time to understand your business and tailor video content that best reflects your brand’s personality and voice. We use cutting-edge technology and techniques to ensure that your videos are of the highest quality and resonate with your target audience.

Our goal is to help you tell your story through engaging and visually stunning video content.

So, whether you’re looking to promote a product or service, or tell your brand’s story, we’re here to help you achieve your goals and make your vision a reality.

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Main Features

Engaging & Effective

We produce video content that captivates the viewers and creates long-lasting customers. Videos that capture the essence of your brand to create authentic relationship with your audience and drive engagement.

Full Service

We are able to provide full service from A to Z. From initial script writing and pre-production to filming and post-production. Tailored to fit your budget and bring the best results possible.


Here are some of our recent films and videos

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of having a video filmed and produced varies from project to project therefore there’s no one simple answer. It could be anything from a few hundred pounds to a few thousand. Many factors would be taken into consideration when a quote is produced, such as how many days of filming is required, number of locations, whether it can be undertaken by one videographer or whether a small team is required as well as technical aspects when it comes to sound, lighting, optional actors as well as post-production requirements (length of the finished product, subtitles, delivery formats and aspect ratios, soundtrack / audio, voiceovers, animation, etc)

The are normally three main stage of any video project: Pre-production (that’s where all the meetings, planning, scripting etc take place), filming and post-production (that’s the editing stage where all the footage, sound, music, subtitles etc are combined to deliver the final product.)

The time it takes to produce a video varies depending on factors such as the type, length, and complexity of the project.

It normally involves three stages: pre-production, production, and post-production. Pre-production, which includes developing the idea, script, etc. can take anything from a few days to several weeks. The length of the filming day (production) can vary, but it’s common for a full day shoot to last between 8 to 12 hours. Post-production / editing can take a few days to several weeks.

Overall a simple project can take a few days to complete, while a complex one can take several months. 

We use a range of high-quality equipment and tools to ensure that we create stunning videos for our clients. Our standard equipment setup includes professional-grade 4K cameras paired with a range of lenses to capture the perfect shot. We also use a range of professional lighting equipment, such as COB lights, softboxes, LED panels, and reflectors, to ensure that our subjects are perfectly lit. Additionally, we use high-quality audio equipment such as lavalier microphones, shotgun microphones, and audio recorders to capture clear and crisp audio. Finally, we use industry-standard editing and colour grading software to bring all the elements together and create a final product that meets our clients’ needs and expectations.

Yes! We can shoot and deliver in variety of aspect ratios and orientations. This is normally discussed and agreed on during the initial planning stage and can involve either shooting the video in the standard 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio for the likes of YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook and then during the editing process cropping the video to social media formats such as 1:1 and 9:16 if required, or, if only mobile-friendly footage is required for the likes of Instagram Reels and Tik-Tok, we can shoot the original footage in 9:16 aspect ratio to ensure all subjects are well composed and visible in the final footage.

The footage will be exported and delivered using high quality .mp4 or .mov file.

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