We have recently been commissioned by one of our existing customers, to create a series of social media video ads.

Their aim was to promote the customer’s guitar tuition services, ahead of the new school year. The adverts needed to be short and eye-catching, with a feel-good theme and tailored to different age groups.

Therefore we have created series of 3 adverts that combine a royalty-free music, high quality footage and slogans (in Polish) such “Music takes us where words cannot” or “That feeling when… you can play your favourite song”, which was tailored to the youngest age group.

Each advert produced was just 15 seconds long, set outdoors on a late summer day and included multiple actors within different age groups, from children, young people up to adults and seniors.

The adverts were then used on the customer’s Facebook page where they reached over 25000 local users as well as YouTube, where they were optimised to help improve the customer’s main website’s Google rankings.

See the finished result below and feel free to get in touch with your favourite Cardiff web design agency if you feel your business would benefit from such form of online marketing. Prices starting from just £99 and discounts available for campaigns of 2 or more videos!